A man spent his life savings a very bizarre 'push present' for his wife.

A 39-year-old man has spent over $20,000 on cosmetic surgery for his wife as a “push present”.

Having welcomed two young children – six-year-old son Niall and three-year-old daughter Isabella – in recent years, wife Kayleigh Mole told The Sun that at 26 years old she felt “trapped in an old lady’s body.”

Despite exercising and dieting after the birth of her son, Mole said that, “By the time I had Isabella, I had put on five stone to become 15st 7lb and hated looking at myself in the mirror.”

Then following the birth of Isabella, Mole says she again worked out and ate a balanced diet, with most of the weight “flying off.”

Kayleigh Mole post surgery. Source: Facebook.

But through the weight loss, Mole was then left with excess skin and saggy boobs.

“Instead of being over the moon I was even more upset. I no longer saw my bulging tum in the mirror — now all I could see was saggy excess skin,” Mole said sadly.

Saddened by seeing his wife so upset and lacking in body confidence, husband John decided dip into his family's life savings, buying his wife a boob job, tummy tuck and liposuction.

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“I had so much confidence growing up but after having Niall when I was 20, my body was never the same, Mole said, adding, “Just because I was a mum didn’t mean I didn’t want to feel and look sexy."

Having met her husband seven years ago when she was just 19, Mole says she was a petite size 10 and a "completely different person."

“I was so outgoing and happy but over the years I lost myself," the Derby mum admitted.

Kayleigh Mole post surgery. Source: Facebook.

Now, Mole seems more happy and outgoing than ever before, frequently posting images of herself in figure-hugging outfits to Facebook.

"I felt upset seeing Kayleigh so low," John said, before continuing, saying he "would have done anything to give her confidence. I was more than happy to pay for the transformation because I knew how much she wanted the surgery.”