A woman has been left devastated after a crow snatched her puppy right from her backyard.

A Melbourne woman has been devastated after a crow swooped down and stole her puppy from her backyard in the garden of her Kilsyth home.

Heather Sinden’s four-month-old chihuahua, Fudge, was taken by crows yesterday afternoon.

The tiny dog, so small it could fit in the palm of your hand had only been let outside in the garden for a moment to the toilet when the crows swooped.

Heather’s daughter Melinda Pride said her mother, who has lung cancer, collapsed from shock.

She says her mum heard her puppy scream as the crow took him away. Her daughter says that Heather can’t get the sound of the scream out of her mind.

Heather Sinden is comforted by her family. Via Seven News.

“The dog was normally inside, she was just outside going to go to the toilet and Mum was quite concerned about the crows,” Melinda told The Herald Sun.

“Mum was only saying a week or so ago ‘if anything happens to this little dog I don’t know what I’ll do’,” Melinda said.

Heather Sinden who was diagnosed with lung cancer just before Christmas has not stopped crying since the pup was taken.

Melinda told 3AW it was heartbreaking.

"My mum is extremely attached to her."

Fudge could look like a mouse.

She said that Fudge is a grey colour and could look like a mouse to a crow.

The family say they are just hoping for a "miracle" but so far there has been no sign of the puppy, as the local community have searched roofs and local streets.

Fudge’s family have taken to social media to try and find the little dog hoping that somehow Fudge was dropped by the crow and managed to survive.

The family have asked locals to search their backyards for the puppy.

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