SEX DIARIES: 'I secretly had sex in a room full of all my friends.'

It was my best friend’s 21st and I had flown home for her birthday. She’d organised drinks at a bar by the beach with a big group of our friends. There was about 10 of us – including Jack, who I’d been flirting with since high school. 

With messy blonde hair and a fading British accent, he was cute and very charming. At a house party a few years earlier, we’d spent the night together on a couch. But beyond a lot of kissing and wondering hands in the dark, we hadn’t gone any further.

Since then, relationships had come and gone, but there’d always been this lingering sexual tension. 

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After drinks at the bar, we walked back to my best friend’s house to carry on the party. Sitting around her garden, we chatted and laughed, while Jack kept shooting me cheeky looks. 

Catching me alone in the kitchen, he asked if I wanted to go for a walk. My heart raced as we snuck down to the beach in the dark. 

We were making our way through the sand dunes when he stopped to grab my hand.   

“Come here,” Jack smiled and pulled me towards him. Kissing me softly on the lips, his hand wound through my hair, holding the back of my head tightly. 

Drawing a breath, we dropped down to the sand. I laid on my back as Jack rolled onto his side, kissing me harder as his hand felt its way down my body. 

Silently begging for more, my fingers inched their way into his jeans and under his boxers.

I gasped, as my palm wrapped around his warm skin, working him up and down. 

Trailing his hand up my bare leg, he moved over my g-string, before disappearing under the lace. 

Moaning into his mouth, I pulled him quicker and quicker. I needed him so badly.  

He groaned above me and whispered, “why don’t we go find your car?”

I’d parked around the corner from my best friend’s house, just up from the beach. In the sleepy neighbourhood, we crept towards it, the only light coming from a lone streetlamp.

Popping the back doors open, we climbed in. 

I slid across the back seat and turned towards Jack. He kissed me with tongue, before pausing to pull his white t-shirt off. His tanned tradesman body looked fitter than ever. As his lips moved down my neck, I arched my head up for more. 


Pushing me onto my back, Jack peeled my dress down to suck hard on my nipples. As I lay across the back seat, the heat rushed through me, as he slipped my g-string off. 

Sitting up to undo his belt, Jack pulled himself out. Guiding my legs apart, he then plunged himself deep inside me. 

I cried out in pleasure. 

In and out he thrust, as my hands gripped onto his shoulders. Winding my legs wound around him, I pulled him into me. It had never felt so good.

Slowing down, he dipped his head to kiss me, and in one swift move, pulled me on top of him. 

Sitting upright, with one hand on the roof of the car to steady to myself, I began to grind back and forth. Rubbing my clit against him as I bounced up and down, it was my favourite position. 

But the faster I moved, the more the car rocked, pulling me from the fantasy. I was suddenly aware of how long we’d been gone. 

I was too distracted now to finish, no matter how I tried. I could feel Jack was close, but he wanted to get me there too. 

“Come on, we better go,” I whispered, pulling my dress back up. Locking the car behind us, I stuffed my g-string into my purse. 

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All of us stayed over that night, sprawled out on my best friend’s bedroom floor in a sea of pillows, blankets and bodies. 

Jack laid down behind me, sneaking one arm under the doona to pull me close. Shuffling back, I pushed my butt into him, and felt him stiffen beneath me. 

While my friends chatted in the dark around us, Jack slipped his hand between my legs. Hidden under the blanket – and without anything on underneath my dress – his fingers slid inside me, getting me wetter and wetter. 

Doing our best to keep still, Jack unzipped his fly and silently pulled me back onto his waiting, throbbing c**k.  

Dripping with desire, he glided in, completely filling me up. I bit my bottom lip to stifle any noise. 

I couldn’t believe what we were doing in a room with all of my friends. 

I had never felt so naughty or been more turned on.

Ever so slowly, Jack began to move in and out of me. His hand guided my hip back and forth. 

I could feel his breathing quietly quicken on the back of my neck until he couldn’t hold on any longer. And – finally – neither could I. 

As he released into me, his fingers digging in tightly, my body quivered in response. I covered my own mouth with my hand as I climaxed, not even daring to breathe out. 

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