'Here's the protein pancakes I made for Mum that I'll now be making all year 'round.'

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Mother’s Day in my family used to always mean a few things in my family; hopping into my parent’s bed to give mum a variety of homemade cards and chunky mugs made in art class, and pancakes with chocolate-covered strawberries for breakfast. 

Pancakes, because we had them every single Sunday without fail, and chocolate-covered strawberries, because they seemed like the height of luxury when I was growing up, and the best way to spoil Mum.

The hero in question (and tiny me). Image: Supplied.

Things have changed slightly since I was a kid. My three siblings and I couldn’t fit in my parent’s bed now if we tried, and we found out that Mum doesn’t exactly love consuming mass amounts of carbs and chocolate first thing in the morning. 

Even the chunky mugs we loved as kids have been relegated to the back of the cupboard.

This year, I want to prepare for Mum a throwback breakfast featuring all these admittedly delicious elements, but that is a little bit lighter to start the day with (and healthier), to cater a bit more to her tastes.

I haven't told her yet, but I plan on sleeping over her place the night before Mother's Day, so I can wake up and get started on a homemade breakfast just for her (sorry Dad, can't promise there'll be leftovers).


When it comes to food and Mum's preferences, she does like to eat things that are lower in gluten, and she's vegetarian too, so anything with extra protein she says is always a bonus.

So last weekend, I set out to make a practice breakfast of the perfect chocolate protein pancakes to serve to Mum on Mother’s Day. Protein pancakes are a new ball game for me, so figured a test run wouldn't hurt ahead of the real deal (and means I get to eat them in the meantime). 

The sacrifices I make.

I can gladly confirm this recipe is absolutely delicious, and as you can see has no sugar or heavy ingredients. Such a winner to kick start the day with really.

To note, these measurements serve one, so if you're making them too, just multiply these ingredients by how many people you’re feeding.

You’ll need:

Ingredients, get in formation. Image: Supplied.

All I needed to do was blend everything together until the mixture forms a batter. 

Then heat your fry pan, add a knob of butter (or coconut oil if you prefer), and pour your batter in. 


I found along the way that these work better as small pancakes so you can make a larger stack, rather than attempting to go larger per pancake (and have trouble flipping, which let's face it, of course I did).

An important learning too: make sure you keep a close eye on them as they cook quickly.

Once I'd cooked a beautiful little tower and plated them up, I topped my pancake stacks with honey and chopped strawberries, but you could add whatever you like; maybe yoghurt, maple syrup, blueberries or muesli. 

How beautiful are they? Can also confirm: delicious. Image: Supplied.

Although making them was super quick and easy, the eating part was the highlight.

Adding in the Bioglan Peanut Plant Protein in this test run made this creation that much tastier than I expected, as it added a hint of chocolatey goodness without it being overpowering or too rich for breakfast. It's a good little nutrient boost too, made with 100% peanut protein and natural cacao. It'll be an element Mum will love when I'm making them for real on Mother's Day for her. 

I'm keen to keep using this Bioglan Protein in more of my cooking too, as thankfully it's dairy free, gluten free and soy free with 8.7g of protein per serve. Handy to know when I'm often bringing in homemade goodies to my coworkers to share, and often try to keep a mental note on people's dietary requirements.


This protein raised the bar. Definitely using again in my cooking. Image: Supplied.

My secret to also making any dish look incredible, and use time and time again: edible flowers. You’ve likely seen them on influencer’s Instagrams or maybe served them at a fancy cafe somewhere, but they really are just flowers popped on top of the dish. You can buy them from special vendors or grocers, or you might even have them growing in your backyard (just definitely make sure the flowers are edible before popping them on your food). I used violas for the striking colour they added. (This is a pretty common edible flower, and can be sprinkled on salads or other desserts too). 

Edible flowers to kick things up a notch. Image: Supplied.


Easiest. Breakfast. Ever. 

I’m going to serve these to Mum on Mother’s Day morning with a coffee in a homemade mug, and thank her for her unwavering support and for making me the woman I am today.

Breakfast for two. Image: Supplied.

Bioglan Plant Protein Powders are available to order online or from your local Chemist Warehouse. How will you be celebrating your loved ones this Mother's Day? Tell us below. 

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