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The beautiful moment a man asks his future step-child to be his "daughter forever".

When William Ledbetter proposed to his girlfriend of two-years Paige Evans, he was becoming part of a family.

Ledbetter wanted to make sure her Evan’s young daughter Maddie felt like she was a part of this very special occasion.

After proposing to Evans (hint: she said yes), Ledbetter dropped down on one knee to ask five-year-old Maddie a very special question.

“You want to be my daughter forever, too?” he asks her, presenting her with her own ring. Maddie looks thrilled, but isn’t 100% sure how this proposal malarky is supposed to go.  After a gentle nudge in the right direction, she, like her mum, said YES!

“I included Maddie because any time I give her mum presents, she’s always right there wanting to open them for her and talking about how much she loves whatever I got her mum,” Ledbetter told The Huffington Post.

Congratulations to the whole family.

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