Pregnant? The six makeup products that deserve a spot in your hospital bag.

After nine and a half months of pregnancy, I am ready to have this baby. Huzzah!

So, it’s time to get all my clobber ready for the hospital. By clobber, I’m not just talking about the giant surfboard-sized maternity pads and fancy organic bamboo breast pads, but the makeup and hair saviours that are going to help me feel half human after giving birth.

The key is this: less is more; simple and easy is best. I’m talking dry shampoo, BB cream and some blush for when you are drained of colour from breastfeeding for 17 hours straight.

The products that’ll be in my hospital cosmetic bag (or giant ziplock bag if I can’t fit ’em all…) are:

1. Jojoba and rosehip oil

This is the BEST moisturiser for day and night. Even though it’s an oil, it’s not too heavy or greasy and it’ll keep dry skin at bay under the pumping hospital aircon.

2. Dry shampoo

This will be your go-to almost every day, I swear to you. I love V05 Plump Me Up ($8.79) as it delivers good volume, as well as soaking up the oil.

Here are some more dry shampoo options. (Post continues after gallery.)

 3. Blush

Yes, instead of bronzer. When you’re exhausted and tired, you tend to look pale. Even though everyone loves a tan, a spot of blush on the apples of your cheeks will do much more to make you look healthy and awake.

Go for a pink-based tone for the best pick-me-up – try a crème blush stick for the easiest possible application. Plus, you can also use it on your lips!


4. Lucas’ papaw ointment

Need I explain? This will be great for dry lips and cuticles and will become a staple beauty and medicinal product through the newborn phase. ($5.99)

5. BB cream

I like ModelCo BB Plus Cream ($22) because not only does it even out my skin tone, it’s also a complete broad spectrum sunscreen. Not that I’ll need that under the fluoros, but hey...

 6. Under-eye highlighter

This is as essential as ever for anyone with children — especially during the feral, no-sleep newborn phase. Apply it under the eyes in a triangle shape and blend with your ring fingers. It instantly lifts your face and gives you the appearance of something closer to a full night’s sleep.

Loads of brands do these, but I am currently using L’Oreal Lumi Magique. Choose a product that's one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone for the most lift.

Most importantly, if you’re off to have a baby – good luck mama! See you on the other side…

Do you have any products to add to this list?

Mollie Harwood is a mother obsessed with make-up. You can see more of her work on her website Mollie Makeup here, and via Mollie's Facebook page and on Instagram