Comedian Dave Hughes has spotted a fundamental flaw in The Block apartments.

Comedian Dave Hughes has a public service announcement for all fans of The Block: there is something very, very wrong with the apartments.

And by “very, very wrong” we mean “something that could prove to be a minor inconvenience for some people”.

Talking to Matt and Meshel on their KIIS FM breakfast show, Dave revealed he had stopped by the newly renovated apartments on auction day and realised that there was little to no parking available for residents.


“You’ve got one car port and you’ve gotta walk quite a way to get to the car port,” he passionately told the hosts, before crying, “there’s no parking people!”

While he described the whole building – and all the apartments – as “extraordinary”, Hughes added that it was pretty obvious which apartment was going to win.

“I was at the first one that went, the ground floor – the best apartment – the one that won. It won because the ceilings were really high,” he said, adding that with each floor, the “ceilings get lower and lower”.

Was it a bit like this, Dave? Image via Fox.

Young guns Will and Karlie took out the top spot on the show's epic finale on Sunday night, selling their ground-floor apartment (yes, the one with the high ceilings) for a whopping $715,000 over reserve.

They also took home an extra $100,000 in prize money, meaning that $815,000 will soon be hitting the couple's bank account. Jealous.

Karlie and Will celebrate after their The Block win. Image via Channel 9.

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