Princess Mary is the definition of beauty on the cover of Vogue Australia.

Princess Mary of Denmark has graced the cover of this month’s Vogue Australia, and boy, does she look incredible. Arm-in-arm with Prince Frederik, the Australian native (yep, we’ll always claim her) wears a simple black gown. Oh, and a tiara – she is a princess, after all.

As she’s quick to point out, though, it’s a role that carries weighty responsibilities.

Image: Vogue Australia.

Speaking to Vogue's Editor-in-Chief, Princess Mary discusses being a role model for a generation of young women.

"I always find it difficult to speak of myself as a role model, you know, because I think it is other people and their impression of you that makes a role model... it's not something I consciously think about," she said.

"But at the same time, I am very aware of my role and my responsibility. If I can inspire others and if others see something in me that can inspire them or motivate them, then that's a big compliment."

In addition to Mary's public role as monarch, the Vogue shoot captures her in her equally important work as a mother to Christian, ten, Isabella, nine, and Vincent and Josephine, both five.

Image: Vogue Australia.

The August issue of Vogue goes on sale on Monday 11th July.

Watch the controversial scene in Mary: The Making of a Princess where Mary and Frederik go skinny dipping together.

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