Princess Diana's hair is up for sale on Amazon.

A lock of the late Princess Diana‘s hair has been put up for sale on Amazon. It was being advertised as part of a memorabilia frame which also contained a photograph and facsimile signature.

The Daily Mail reports it was on sale for $1200 (approximately £800), however the listing is now marked as ‘currently unavailable’.

The current Amazon listing. Image via Amazon.

Prior to this the memorabilia set appeared on eBay but the listing expired with the item being unsold. At the time it was being advertised for  $349.99 (approximately £230).

The expired eBay listing. Image via eBay.

The Amazon listing explains that the item comes for a dealer of royal memorabilia named Mr. G. Vernon and that the lock of hair is possibly the only piece in existence.

The product description continues, "Princess Diana (1961-1997): Is one of the most recognised faces in the world. Princess Diana was the former wife of Charles, the Prince of Wales. She died tragically in a car accident in August of 1997 while trying to escape the pursuit of Paparazzi."

The memorabilia set. Image via Amazon.
The lock of hair. Image via Amazon.

"Authentic Princess Diana memorabilia is hard to find and is sure to increase in value as time goes on. The item up for purchase is an elaborately custom framed "short lock" of Diana's hair, comprised of a few strands (frame alone is several hundred dollars). The strands of hair offered have been displayed over a scan of the original lock, making it a substantial display," it reads.

The documentation. Image via Amazon.

Yet the sale of the hair has been met with backlash from the British Monarchist Society, who are not happy with it being put up for sale.

Speaking to Daily Star, a spokesperson said, 'The sale of modern royal hair makes us feel uneasy and we are sure Princes William and Harry would be disturbed by the auction too: it is, essentially, a body part.'

How do you feel about Princess Diana's hair being up for sale?

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