Mums are pointing the finger at celebrities for their outrageous credit card bills.

It’s totally all their fault.

You probably remember when Princess Charlotte was introduced to the world by parents Kate Middleton and Prince William. While you were worrying whether Kate should’ve been in heels so soon after giving birth, pregnant mums around the globe had their eye on one thing.

Princess Charlotte’s shawl.

Watch Kate and William introduce little Charlotte. Post continues below:

The GH Hurt & Son Ltd shawl (AU$107) very very quickly went on the pre-order only list.

But we expect that right? I mean, Kate wears a maternity dress from ASOS that I had saved in my shopping basket, only two hours later it’s “unavailable”. In other words, sold out.


Netmums study says celebrity parents are costing UK mums AU$267 million a year. YIKES.

90 per cent of mums admit that celebs influence their choices when it comes to maternity wear, children's clothing ranges endorsed by celebs, post-pregnancy DVD workout and celeb parenting guides. Even prams are bought only because a celeb is papped in one.

20 per cent admitted (with a little bit of shame) to styling their kids like a celeb's kid (even going with the mummy and child matching outfits thanks to Kim Kardashian and North West).

Remember when Kim and Nori wore the same outfit to Paris Fashion Week? Image via Getty.

But it's not all good news for celebrity parents.

Seven per cent of mums said they felt 'inadequate' in the keeping up with figurative Kardashians, and almost all the mums slammed celebrity parents for saying they have it all and do it all, without admitting to the nannies (and chefs, and gardeners, and...).

Reese Witherspoon was attacked for claiming to "do it all" after posting this photo to Instagram. Image via Instagram.

Mums even felt anger toward the celebrity mums who show off their pre-baby body "too soon", making them feel like failures when it came to their own post-baby bods. 

Mum to a 3-year-old, Hilary Duff was told to cover up and stop shaming mums after posting this photo to Instagram. Image via Instagram.

So, why look, right? Well 70 per cent said they couldn't help it...the images were constantly in their face.

Fair enough.

But does that mean that you still have to let them influence your self esteem and purchasing habits? I think not. Unless you are obsessed with Kate Middleton, like I am, and more than happy to dish out a couple hundred for a baby wrap.

What item have you bought, because a celeb's name was attached to it?

CLICK THROUGH the gallery of the list of the most influential celebrity parents (good and bad) from the NetMums study. 


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