Was Princess Charlotte Photoshopped into the royal Christmas photo?

She’s only seven months old, but apparently Princess Charlotte is already Photoshopping her pictures.

At least, that’s what some online conspiracy theorists would have us believe.

Rumours are circulating that William, Kate, George and Charlotte’s official 2015 Christmas photo, which was shared on Instagram several days ago, has been tampered with.

Image via Instagram @kensingtonroyal.

According to some, the blurring around Princess Charlotte's head and shoulder in the photo indicates that her perfectly smiling face has been Photoshopped in.

If that's true, it probably means that little Charlotte was not cooperating for the family photo (hey, she is a baby, after all).

Like all good conspiracies, believers took to Twitter to share their theories:

For the record, Buzzfeed News did ask a Buckingham Palace spokesperson about Photoshopgate - and while the rep had no comment to make about the picture, they did "laugh out loud" when asked about any sneaky editing.

We will probably never know the truth. But Photoshop or not, that is one gorgeous photo of one gorgeous little family.

Do you think the royal family photo was Photoshopped? 

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