Prince William's nickname for Princess Charlotte is 'Mignonette' and we have questions.


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Prince George refers to himself as Archie, the royal grandchildren call the Queen Gan-Gan, and Prince William’s nickname for Charlotte is Mignonette.

It’s longer than her name and is also French, but it’s a name that he says and that she responds to, so it is, by all definitions, a nickname.

The new title was discovered in a video from the Chelsea Flower Show, filmed in Kate Middleton’s “Back to Nature” garden.


The video shows the four-year-old Princess, alongside her five-year-old brother Prince George, playing in the garden.

When Prince William calls Charlotte over to “give [him] a push” on the rope swing, he addresses her as “Mignonette” to which she responds “Yes?”



According to Collins dictionary, the nickname is a variation of the French word mignon, which translates to “sweet” or “cute”. Mignonette means “dainty” or “darling” – similar to calling someone “sweetie” or “cutie”.

But it’s also a herbaceous plant with spikes of small fragrant green flowers.

Princess “Mignonette” Charlotte it is then.

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