Why Princess Charlotte won't be wearing dresses anytime soon.

So, apparently being a Princess doesn’t mean tiaras, tutus and fancy dresses. Not until you’re a one year old, at least. While Princess Charlotte wore a stunning gown for her christening, that will be the last dress she gets to wear for a while.

According to Kate Middleton‘s children’s wear designer, Rachel Riley, there will be no dresses on baby Princess Charlotte until she reaches her first milestone age.

She won't be anything like this for a while. Image via @kensingtonroyal Instagram.

"They're a traditional family, I'm sure that she'll wear babysuits for the first year, and then only when she's walking will she then move into dresses," Riley told PEOPLE.

The royal dress code also leans toward onesies over two piece ensembles. So not only will Charlotte not be in dresses, she probably won't be sporting any separate top and bottom numbers either.

Onesies for the royal win.

Princess Charlotte will be onesies for a while. Image via @kensingtonroyal Instagram.

Being just five months old means Charlotte has at least another seven months of no-dress wearing. Once she's walking around the palace, she'll be able to take her fashion choices to the next level.

Her 33-year-old mum, Kate Middleton, is currently choosing from the cute onesies in Riley's clothing line and we're sure she's excited to be broadening her choices once the pitter patter of toddler steps start.

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Riley gushes over the royal family's dress sense and tells PEOPLE that they're trendsetters. "The royals stay relevant and modern," she told them.

Princess Charlotte was the seventh royal baby to be christened in the dress she wore at her christening. It was a Honiton lace and white satin gown. We can only hope there will be many more gorgeous gowns in the coming years.

What do you think about the royal baby only wearing onesies?