"Princess Charlotte's balcony debut shouldn't be newsworthy."

I’ve never understood the obsession with the Royal Family and I honestly thought with the new breed of Kardashian-esque celebrities, the media’s infatuation with the Royals was fading.

Well, I was WRONG. I woke up this morning to find that my Facebook newsfeed was saturated with media coverage of Princess Charlotte’s debut on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

This was a HUGE deal apparently. HUGE.

At just 13-months-old, Charlotte’s appearance and behaviour on that balcony was the subject of intense media scrutiny and commentary.

She stole the show from the Queen, she upstaged her older brother Prince George, she waved too much, she waved too little, she hasn’t yet mastered the royal wave (that’s because she’s a baby, guys), she looked uncomfortable, she didn’t smile enough – couldn’t she just smile more?

Yes, really. She’s only one and she’s already being told to smile more.

Princess Charlotte Balcony Debut
Princess Charlotte. Image via Getty Images.

And her outfit. Unlike most babies what she was wearing didn't consist of whatever was clean on the day. It was an outfit. From French fashion house. Called Amaia Kids. And it's appearance on that balcony has lead to a wave of media stories about the outfit, about the designer, about Kate Middleton's fashion sense and her decision to go with that designer.


Most of this media coverage was delivered with 'isn't she cute' tones, but the message is clear - every aspect of the Princess' life is up for grabs and the media's infatuation with her is only going to grow as she gets older.

I feel for Charlotte. She's the first Princess of the digital age and the instant gratification generation.

There will be no scandals 'brushed under the carpet' for Charlotte. Any missteps she makes won't be buried in old tabloid magazines, they will remain online and follow her around forever. They will be rehashed again and again.

And she's the only member of the Royal Family, at this stage, who will grow up under this kind of constant and immediate scrutiny.

There will be no scandals brushed under the carpet for Charlotte. Image via Getty Images.

Sure, Prince George will be in the public eye but I have a feeling he will have an easier ride. No one is going to analyse the length of George's skirt. No one is going to ask George to smile more.

If this is the kind of scrutiny she faces now, as a baby on a balcony, imagine what it will be like when she's a teenager sneaking her first beer at a party. Having her first kiss. Experiencing her first love.

I really feel for Charlotte. When you're born into a job which requires you to play the role of the perfect 'lady', you're pretty much being set up to fail.