This is what Princess Charlotte will look like in 18 years.

We saw what she would look like in a decade, now we can see her on the verge of adulthood.

The young royal was only born a couple of weeks ago, but we already know what Britain’s Princess Charlotte will look like as a teen.

Within a week of her birth, we had an idea of what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter would look like as a 10-year-old.

Now, we know what she’ll look like at the age of 18.

Mail Online has released a computer-generated image of the Princess, developed by “forensic computer age progression experts”.

The image was generated using baby photos of the Princess’ parents, as well as her grandparents.

Princess Charlotte 18
Prince William and Kate Middleton as children. Image: (L) A G Carrick, (R) Middleton family

According to said experts, Charlotte has the “genetic propensity to become a truly beautiful young woman”.

She will be tall, athletic and possess “incredibly good posture” — most likely thanks to the previous 18 years of deportment classes.

“Like her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, she is likely to have a lower lip that is noticeably fuller than the upper one,” image creator Jovey Mae Hayes told Mail Online.

“That will give her smile both a warm and enigmatic quality at the same time.

“Her paternal grandmother had similar lips too, so there could well be more and more of a ghost-like image of Diana in Charlotte as time passes.”

The Princess is also likely to have dimples — a genetic blessing from both sides of her family.

The majority of her features appear to come from her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, including lustrous hair and “prominent eyelids.”

Congratulations on hitting the genetic lottery, kiddo.

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