Royal baby news: It's twins.

Oh dear.

There is a royal baby drama.

Princess Charlene, 36, and Prince Albert II of Monaco, 56, are expecting twins. The palace has confirmed it and everything.


As iVillage reported this morning,

The Constitution of the Principality says the first born baby is the closest in line, with bonus points if they are a boy. However, it’s unclear what will happen if the first born twin is a girl and the second born (probably a few minutes later) is a boy. In 2002, Prince Rainier (Albert’s father) changed the constitutional law to include females as rightful heirs.

So the babies in the womb are officially racing. 

First prize is a crown.

Second prize is a smaller crown.

The couple were married in 2011. Prince Albert already has two children out of wedlock, daughter Jazmine, 22 and son Alexandre, 11. However, neither have rights to the throne.

Congratulations to the royal couple. We think they should just make the twins SHARE the kingdom.

After all, sharing is caring.

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