Princess Boys. Would you let your son wear a tutu in public?

In the US a young boy by the name of Dyson is at the centre of a cross dressing scandal. At 5 years-old he prefers to wear sparkly dresses, tutu’s and jewelery.  Dyson’s mother decided to write a book, The Princess Boy and appear on local television in a bid to gain acceptance for her son. What happened next, was that the video went viral on YouTube and it has caused a worldwide gender debate about children.

From The Canadian Press

Dyson Kilodavis

Cheryl Kilodavis self-published “My Princess Boy” over the summer about the sometimes cruel reaction five-year-old Dyson faces when he wears sparkly frocks, twirly skirts and jewelry. She shared it with his school and hopes it will be used as a tool for teachers, daycare centres, summer camps and after-school programs to address bullying and promote tolerance.

What the Seattle mom hadn’t anticipated was that her family’s appearance on local TV — with a sullen Dyson in red dress and sparkly pink socks — would land on YouTube, light up Twitter and produce packs of snappish doubters along with loving support from around the world.

Much of the positive reaction has come from educators, parents of like-minded boys and members of the gay community. Much of the negative seems centred on the video of Dyson as he sits sullenly next to his mom on a talk-show couch, flipping through the book and sniffing from a cold while he listens in on the grown-up conversation.

The family on a Seattle TV show “New Day”

What do YOU think?  Would you let your little boys wear dresses? Did you play dress up as a kid and do you think it affected the way you behave as an adult?