Princess Anne is the only royal with a criminal record. But that could change soon.

You likely clocked that Prince Philip had a car accident this week. Nothing too serious, thank goodness. The 97-year-old was driving his Land Rover near the Royal estate in Sandringham on Thursday when he collided with a Kia.

You may also have heard that the Kia driver – Ellie Townsend, 28 – is eager for the Duke to be prosecuted.

Local police are continuing their investigations, but should they find Prince Philip at fault, he would become just the second member of the reigning Royal family to be charged with a criminal offence.

The first to snatch that unfortunate crown was his daughter, Princess Anne, back in 2002.

The Princess pleaded guilty to an offence under Britain’s Dangerous Dogs Act, after her beloved English bull terrier, Dotty, attacked two children.

The boys, aged seven and 12, were riding their bikes in Windsor Great Park on April 1 that year, when the three-year-old pet burst out from a hedge, bit the older boy three times and left the other with scratches, BBC reported. Both were taken to hospital but neither required stitches.

Princess Anne has a soft spot for English Bull Terriers. Image: Getty.

During a hearing, the court heard testimony from dog psychologist Roger Mugford, who had previously treated some of the Queen's corgis after they bit her. Dr Mugford described Dotty as "an utterly placid, playful dog", and expressed his opinion that she should not be put down, The Guardian reported at the time.


The judge did ultimately spare Dotty's life, but warned that any further incidents would see her 'destroyed'. Dotty did not appear in court.

The case of Anne Elizabeth Alice Laurence v. Regina (aka her mum. Awkward.) ended with a conviction and a bill for fines, compensation and costs that was the equivalent of roughly AUD$1650.

Not even being a senior member of the Royal family meant she could escape the law. Only her dear 'mummy' has that privilege. As the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II not only enjoys immunity from criminal prosecution, but is exempt from being questioned as part of a criminal investigation, from police interviews, and from being cross-examined in court.

Easy to be above the law, when... well, you are the law.

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