Was Prince William too bald for this magazine cover?

This just in: Prince William has been shamed for his ever-expanding bald spot.

The Duke of Cambridge did not have enough hair on his royal head to please the good people of Vanity Fair.

So they did a sneaky Photoshop job on his regal cranium. Though, to be fair, it actually looks more like someone went rogue, picked up a brown crayon, and delicately scribbled a few extra hairs on.

Here’s the original photo.

And here’s the royal fam on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Now, it’s very subtle…

In fact, so subtle it’s entirely possible it’s a figment of our imagination.

So look close. Real close. And tell us – has Prince William been de-balded here?

Let’s zoom and compare, shall we?

One must know if one has had one’s hairline modified by one’s American counterparts, mustn’t one?

Perhaps one requested that one’s hairline be modified by one’s American counterparts, we do not know.

So, important question of the morning: Has he, or hasn’t he?

Is that glorious royal head of his untouched as nature intended… Or slightly bushier, as Vanity Fair intended?

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