Prince William didn't have enough hair. So this magazine gave him more.

The royals grace the Vanity Fair cover this month. But one royal wasn’t good enough.

The Vanity Fair cover is pretty exclusive. Usually reserved for styled photo shoots with pristine lighting taken in a controlled environment.

So, we were just as surprised that a photo from the press of the royal couple visiting Tarango Zoo in Sydney made the cover. But then again it is Prince George’s birthday soon and well, for his little adorableness anyone will break a rule.

But now, it has been uncovered that Prince William wasn’t good enough for the cover. Well, not how he appears in real life. More specifically the thinning bald spot on his head.

There are now reports that Vanity Fair Photoshopped Prince William’s bald spot to make him have more hair.

Here is the Vanity Fair cover:

And here is Prince William in real life at the same moment:

Image via Getty

And if you aren't too convinced, here is a side by side comparison:

Look, if Duchess Kate is okay with his bald spot, we think it's good enough to appear on the cover of Vanity Fair - unphotoshopped.

What do you think? Would you colour in your partner's bald spot if you could? 

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