Why we no longer see Prince William as Prince Charming.

Poor Prince Prince William.

He had a good thing going for a while. The British public and the British press loved him with an ardor previously only bestowed on his mother the late Princess Diana.

But now it seems the love affair may be over.

Just last month the softly spoken royal could do no wrong. He was the charitable ambulance pilot one day and doting Dad to his freakishly photogenic children the next.

Yet, within a matter of weeks there has been a seismic shift. This week alone he has been branded lazy, meddling, political and selfish. And a hot head. Jeez. Was it something he said?


 Well, sort of. The first major cracks in his relationship with the media began to appear after he delivered a speech to British diplomats that several commentators interpreted as an endorsement for the UK’s ongoing membership to the European Union.

There’s a referendum on that issue in June, and royals are meant to keep their lips well and truly zipped on political issues.

Awkward, sure, but not as juicy as Wills apparently slacking off at work. Yep, just one week later, his colleagues at the air ambulance revealed he only logs 20 hours in the air each week, roughly two-thirds of that managed by other employees.

Now we’re talking, people. If only he would publicly splash some money around…


Ah yes, the lavish, luxury ski holiday. See, last weekend, Wills and Kate had the audacity to hit the slopes for a family getaway, without issuing a press release beforehand. The first inkling most news outlets had about the trip was when a series of staged happy snaps were released by Kensington Palace.

Even today, details are emerging about private jet transfers and fine dining.

Maybe it’s just us, but the backlash seems a little unjustified. It’s not like he’s been spotted wearing a Hitler costume or anything.

So what’s really going on here? Is Wills being too private for a public figure? Or is he just not sexy enough for the tabloids any more? After all, his fairytale romance is now a seemingly stable marriage, and that bald patch isn’t getting any smaller.

Let’s hope this little rough patch is just a phase. The love is still alive, Wills. Chin up.