The one simple gesture that apparently proves Prince William hates Meghan Markle.

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Christmas is done and dusted and the royal family have spent yet another year celebrating at the Queen’s Sandringham estate.

But while Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were spotted attending church together over Christmas, rumours of a royal feud continue to buzz.

Although the joint appearance of the couples on Christmas Day should have quelled rumours of tension, there still seems to be one key moment playing on the mind of royal watchers.

In footage posted to Instagram of the two couples, Prince William reportedly appears to “ignore” Meghan.

In the video filmed on Christmas Day, the Duchess of Sussex turns towards William as they leave St Mary Magdalene Church.

But instead of speaking to Meghan, William simply fixes his scarf.

You can watch a clip of the moment below:

“Maybe my imagination but William seemed to ignore Meghan,” one royal watcher wrote on Twitter.

“And William and Harry did not interact with each other much. Something just seemed off between them.”

“Harry doesn’t look happy anymore,” another onlooker wrote on Instagram.

But seriously.

Let’s really take a good look at this footage.

This mere 15 seconds of footage is just one tiny, single moment in William and Meghan’s day.


Can’t a man just fix his scarf without being accused of ignoring his sister-in-law?

And not to mention, it’s unclear whether Meghan said anything to William at all when she turned towards him.

While this split-second moment between Meghan and William was seen by many as evidence of a royal feud, another clip of Meghan and Kate proved to many royal fans that the rumours the two women are not getting along are false.

From the looks of this clip, it really doesn’t look like the sister-in-laws have anything but a perfectly friendly and amicable relationship.

See, a split second of footage can really mean anything.


Now as the final days of 2018 slowly trickle by, wouldn’t it be nice to leave this bizarre tabloid royal feud rumour behind and start fresh in 2019?

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