The epic Prince performance hailed as the greatest half-time show ever.

It was a stormy Miami day in 2007 and in the lead up to the biggest NFL game of the year, organisers were beginning to panic about the weather and the impact it might have, not only on the game itself, but on the world famous half-time show.

They approached the artist with trepidation, letting him know it was going to be raining. A lot.

Prince’s response?

“Can you make it rain harder?”

"Can you make it rain harder?" (Image: Screenshot via NFL)

Prince's 2007 Super Bowl performance is one of his most iconic.

The power. The passion. Singing Purple Rain as the heavens opened. The performance was fueled by his trade-mark soaring guitar solos and a stadium full of people singing their hearts out. But none more so than the man on stage.

(Image: Screenshot via NFL)

"To me, it's about one guy, in the middle of a hundred thousand people, and a hundred million people on television, and it's your moment to be Prince at the Super Bowl," said Bruce Rodgers, the Super Bowl half-time show producer.

"And Mother Nature's dropping thousands and thousand of gallons of rain. I always thought how cool the guy is to rise up and just get stormed upon, and bring what he brought."

You can watch Prince bring it as one he can below:

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