The 12-year-old Prince of Morocco does not appreciate your hand-kissing.

Everyone knows a 12-year-old’s sole intention in life is to avoid catching cooties.

This is why it makes perfect sense that the Crown Prince of Morocco Moulay Hassan was recently filmed avoiding the Moroccon tradition of hand-kissing at ALL costs.

The video shows the prince snatching his hand away when religious leaders and politicians try to kiss it when he was performing his Royal Duties

Although it does appear to show a disobedient tween refusing to do what he’s told, many are suggesting that the prince may actually have snatched his hand back for a different reason.

According to one Reddit user, “People are speculating it’s a sign of respect, since he is so young he still considers a lot of those people his elder.”

Another noted that his grandfather demanded people kiss his hand, and was seen as a “ruthless leader”.

So Hassan may have broken tradition, as well as have avoided the terrible cooties.

A job well done, prince.

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