The one moment that proves these two royals are just like any other middle and youngest child.

Prince Louis stole the show at Trooping the Colour

The six-year-old royal, who is the youngest child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, has a habit of not being able to hide his emotions — which, considering his age, is to be expected. 

So we were not surprised when photos and clips began rolling out of the Prince dancing and making faces during the major royal event.

What we couldn't have anticipated though was nine-year-old Princess Charlotte's reaction to her little brother's antics — because, unlike the rest of the world, she was not impressed.

Watch: Royal kids are... normal kids. Post continues after video. 

Video via Mamamia.

In one video that has since gone viral, Prince Louis was filmed swaying his hips from side to side while dancing to the music that played during the parade. 

While his moves got a laugh from his mother Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte told her little brother to "stop". 

(If you're wondering, he didn't listen.)


There was another moment cameras caught of Princess Charlotte trying to get her brother to pay attention during the National Anthem. 


The six-year-old was also seen playing with a curtain cord while chatting with his mother and yawning on the balcony during the ceremony.


We've all come to know and adore Prince Louis for being playful during fairly serious royal events and Trooping the Colour certainly isn't the first time he's been cheeky in front of a world stage before.

During King Charles' coronation in May 2023, the royal let a big yawn slip out of his mouth.

Prince Louis following the Coronation of King Charles III. Image: Getty.


At Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022, he waved, pulled faces and acted silly with his mum and siblings.

Prince Louis and Princess Catherine at the Platinum Pageant in 2022. Image: Getty.

A source close to the family told PEOPLE"He's a cheeky monkey — a typical child. It's nice that the world got to see him enjoying himself."


As for how the rest of the family feels about Prince Louis' rather adorable antics, they seem to find it funny (unlike Princess Charlotte.

Even Prince William and Princess Kate couldn't help but acknowledge their son's scene-stealing behaviour. 

The royal couple ended the Jubilee celebrations by sharing a social media post that said, "We all had an incredible time, especially Louis…" with the eyes emoji.

Feature Image: BBC.

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