New photos of Prince Louis have been released ahead of his first birthday and... goodness.

Ahead of his first birthday, Kensington Palace have released a series of photos of Prince Louis, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge at the family’s home in Norfolk.

In two of the photos, Louis wears a maroon jumper and navy pants, and smiles enthusiastically at the camera. He has precisely two teeth he would like everyone to see.

In a third photo, the prince wears a blue jumper with an embroidered dog, and looks like a perfect mix between his five-year-old brother George and his three-year-old sister Charlotte.


They’re the first official photos of Louis we’ve seen since the royal family Christmas card, and he appears to have grown a) hair and b) teeth since then.


In November last year, in a photo shoot for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, Louis was shown… a little bit ruining the photo.

In an outtake shared by photographer Chris Jackson, Louis could be seen reaching down to grab Charles’ eye.

He remained, however, a star of the photo shoot, stealing the limelight from his grandfather.


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While we don’t know a lot about the seventh in line for the throne, given that he likely spends most of his time babbling and/or sleeping and/or eating, we’ve decided purely from photographic evidence that we like him very much.