He left no will, now Prince's siblings are battling for his fortune.

Prince’s unexpected death came as a shock for many late last month, perhaps none so much as his siblings.

Just days after his death, a suspected overdose on painkillers, it was revealed the 57-year-old pop icon left no will, and left behind an estate worth an estimated $652 million AUD.

As Prince was divorced with no children, it is assumed his estate will be split evenly among his six siblings.

Prince's only full sibling, Tyka Nelson coming out of court on Monday. Image via Getty.

The first hearing took place on Monday, with five of Prince's six siblings (including his only full sibling, Tyka Nelson), arriving at a Minnesota court in the U.S.

"The court is not finding that there is no will, but that no will has yet been found," Judge Kevin Eide said before asking if anyone in the room knew of any will. He was met with silence.


"Even if all the heirs really are in agreement, it's going to take a long time to settle the estate," University of Minnesota law professor, Judith Younger, told The Associated Press. "It's a real mess he left behind."

You can watch Prince's 1996 interview with Oprah below. Post continues after video. 

The hearing, which lasted a little over 12 minutes, determined that all possible heirs had been contacted.

Included in the $652 million estate is said to be a 'secretive vault'. CNN reports 'legend has it' Prince has recorded enough material to release one album a year for the rest of the century. The vault, which is large enough to walk in, is said to be kept in the basement of the Purple Rain singer's Paisley Park estate.

While we're hoping these rumours are true, who knows what his six siblings will chose to do with the fabelled vault once his estate is settled.

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