Why Prince Harry chose not to sign a pre-nup with Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry has rejected signing a pre-nuptial agreement before his wedding to Meghan Markle because he is determined to make his marriage work, Daily Mail has reported.

“There was never any question in Harry’s mind that he would sign a prenup,” a friend of the couple told Daily Mail.

“He’s determined that his marriage be a lasting one, so there’s no need for him to sign anything.”

According to The Sun, Harry has an estimated fortune of £30 million ($54 million) and Meghan Markle has an estimated £4 million ($7.2 million) from her successful acting career in the US, most notably in Suits.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton also did not sign a pre-nup before they got married in April, 2011.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently planning their wedding, which will be paid for by the Royal family, and will be held on May 19 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Kensington Palace said in a statement that 1,200 members of the public will be invited to their special day.

“This wedding, like all weddings, will be a moment of fun and joy that will reflect the characters and values of the Bride and Groom,” the statement read.

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