Seven times Prince George did not want to be at Aunty Pippa's wedding.

Here the Royal Family was thinking Pippa Middleton would be upstaged by an American actress at her own wedding. How naive they were.

It turns out the Windsors and the Middletons miscalculated, and most definitely underestimated, the threat a four year-old can really pose. After all, the real star of the wedding was hiding in plain sight all this time, complete with brutally sassy facial expressions and the subtle art of giving approximately zero sh*ts about where he was and who was watching.

Oh, George. You are so, so silly.

Remember this? No one should’ve underestimated you.

Because here’s the thing: while the rest of us fawned over the royal-ish wedding and the dress and money and the power and the royalty, Prince George had activated Operation This Wedding Sucks, I Think I Might Go Rogue.

And if anyone if going to do rogue well, it’s most definitely the kid who smushed his face on the plane window, letting the paps do their thing.

Listen: George’s mum Kate was forced to bring out her signature parenting move at the wedding. (Post continues.)

So, we knuckled down, did the research, and crunched the numbers.

Our results showed these were Prince George’s top seven moments of going rogue.