What Prince George will look like when he grows up.

We all go gaga for Prince George‘s chubby cheeks with every photo the royal family releases.

But now, we can see what the youngster is going to look like when he grows up. And it’s all thanks to professors at the University of Bradford, who have used science to predict what he will look like from the age of seven through to 60.

Prince George with his dad Prince William. Image via Kensington Palace Instagram.

If their imaging is correct, it looks like George will be a mini version of his dad, Prince William, when he is a young boy.

Prince George at seven years old. Image via University of Bradford.

Here is what he may look like at twenty:

The dapper prince. Image via University of Bradford.

While he's looking rather dapper in his twenties, we think he hits his peak at the mature age of forty:

Prince George at 40. Image via University of Bradford.

Here is Prince George at sixty:

He definitely ages well. Image via University of Bradford.

The University of Bradford used systems that analyse facial features. They look at the length and width of the nose as well as the distance between the eyes.


They combine these features with data from the family and get an overall image of what the royal will look like. The faces we see are apparently 80 per cent accurate.

Prince George is gorgeous already.Post continues after the video...

Ultimately the scientists hope this technology can be used to help identify missing people by figuring out what they'd look like today.

But for now they're giving us a sneak peek into the future of the royal man-of-the-hour, Prince George.

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