Prince George's latest outfit is one we've seen before... on his uncle, Prince Harry.

It’s finally happened. We’ve been trolled by a toddler.

Having spent the week in Canada with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and younger sister Princess Charlotte, Prince George did not fall short of delivering one final crowd-cheering public appearance before his family returned home.

But it was his outfit that has everyone in a delighted flurry.

prince george fashion

Prince George with his family in Victoria, Canada. Source: Getty Images.

Appearing on the airport tarmac ahead of the family's return flight to England, the three-year-old stood happily alongside his parents, waving to the masses and looking about as nonplussed by it all as you could possibly get.

But not for the first time in his short life, it was George's snappy outfit that got people talking and drawing comparisons to the other rogue royal in waiting: Prince Harry, George's uncle.

prince george fashion

Prince George fashion vs Prince Harry fashion. Source: Getty Images.

Appearing in the same red shorts and black knee socks he'd worn to a children's party earlier that week (we maintain it's still good the second wear around), comparisons were quickly drawn between the third in line to the British throne's outfit and that of an extraordinarly similar set Prince Harry wore back in 1989 when he was four years old.

Call it coincidence, call it a fashion-forward mother digging through a dynasty's fashion history to see what works; whatever you call it, we're seriously into the outfit repeat.

And there's nothing quite like giving a fashion-forward nod to your forever-in-waiting uncle.

prince george fashion

The outfit's first public appearance, 1989. Source: Getty Images.

And look, we have absolutely no proof to back up our suspicions that Harry and George are in cahoots over this "coincidental" wardrobe reproduction, meticulously planning the Then vs Now troll, but it seems like the kind of thing the two would a) find funny, and b) would be confident wouldn't piss off the Queen too much.

Either way, here's to the timeless sartorial style of the Windsors.

*Main image via Instagram.