BEHOLD: The 1976 photo of Prince Charles that's the spitting image of Prince Harry today.

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When the royal family released a photo montage of Prince Charles in celebration of his 70th birthday on Wednesday, November 14, people were captivated by one particular photo of the monarch from 1976.

The image showed the then 26-year-old in a matching plaid-print cap and blazer while he was on the annual Badminton Horse Trails. The picture also captured one of the rare moments when the monarch had a beard.

Immediately royal fans noticed the unmistakable similarity between the Prince and his youngest son Prince Harry, and when compared side-by-side, the father-son resemblance is pretty spot on.

Prince Charles Prince Harry
We can definitely see the resemblance. Prince Harry is 31 years old in this photo. Image: Getty.

People also noticed the similarity between Prince Charles at 28 and Prince William at 26, when the royal grew a beard for a short few months in 2008.

Prince Charles Prince William
Prince William at 26 looked a lot like Prince Charles at 28. Image: Getty.

The resurfaced photo of Prince Charles comes a month after Getty photographer Chris Jackson shared a viral Instagram of a magazine cover of Prince Philip dating back to 1957, when the now 97-year-old monarch was 36 years old. Instagram users immediately noticed the similarity between Prince Philip and his grandson, Prince Harry who share near identical smiles, matching beards and blue eyes.

See for yourself:


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Many fans believed the photo discredited any possibility of the rumour that Prince Harry might not have been the paternal son of Prince Charles, due to Princess Diana’s five-year affair with former Calvary officer Major James Hewitt, which began 18 months before Diana gave birth to her second son in September of 1984.


However, once you view the three-generations of royals, side-by-side, it's pretty difficult to argue they're not related.

Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, Prince Harry
The resemblance is startling. Image: Instagram and Getty.

Mystery solved.

Do you think Prince Harry and Prince Charles look uncannily similar in the above photos? Tell us in a comment below.

Growing up royal with Prince Harry and Prince Charles, they're a bit cute.

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