Princess Diana's four-word response to Fergie's toe sucking scandal.



We need to discuss a particular international toe-sucking scandal.

You see, in 1992 Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew announced their separation.

Fergie remained close to the royal family until photographs were published of her toes being kissed and sucked by her, erm, “financial advisor” John Byron.

The Queen did not approve.


The world couldn’t get enough of the toe-sucking scandal.

And now we know exactly how Princess Diana reacted in the moment.

According to The Mirror, Princess Diana allegedly sent a simple four-word message via pager to royal reporter and author Richard Kay, the night before the photos were published.

It read: “The redhead’s in trouble”.


Princess Di pls.

Princess Diana actually kind of… sort of… set Fergie up with Prince Andrew.

The women had been friends when they were younger and one night Princess Diana invited Fergie to a party where she met Prince Andrew.

The rest as they say is royal history. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯