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You can now buy a very unexpected, very X-rated product from Priceline.

*Not sponsored. Just surprised.*

Forget tip-toeing into adult sex shops in all their tinted-window, X-rated glory, because now you can buy some particularly NSFW items at your local Priceline.

As of October, Priceline began selling their very own line of vibrators called ‘Smile Makers’ and you can physically pick them up in store. (Their name was no doubt created on the premise that their results will make you… smile?)

If you’re still not so keen on the idea of having another person scan through your purchase and gain intimate insight into your solo bedroom practices – or carry around a freshly purchased sex toy while you do the supermarket shopping next door – you can always jump onto the deep dark internet world and pick one up there.

You will need to enter your age upon clicking in, though, because as Priceline says: this is an adult product.


They won't break the bank either with prices ranging from $24.99 to $49.99, perhaps dependent on how much they will make you... smile?

The Surfer, the Tennis Coach, the Fireman, the Millionaire and the Frenchman (named after the five biggest erotic female fantasies) could be your newest friends in this lonely world. Just maybe not all at once.

Happy shopping!