Woman in wheelchair wins a treadmill on The Price Is Right.

When a game show gave a woman with no legs a treadmill, she held her head high — and laughed about it with her girlfriends on Twitter.

A woman in a wheelchair got quite the shock when she won the Price Is Right — and received a treadmill.

US comedian Danielle Perez, who has no feet, handled the situation like an absolute legend.

“It’s hilarious, it’s the best,” she told PEOPLE magazine. “I thought the day that I won it and experiencing that was the best day ever, but today, sharing it with everyone, it’s been incredible.”

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As part of an agreement with the show, contestants are barred from social media until the program airs. But now, Perez is enjoying her new viral fame on Twitter as the self-proclaimed “camera ready, ambiguously ethnic, woman in a wheelchair who just won a TREADMILL on The Price Is Right.”



While, most were shocked by the ill-considered move from CBS’ Price Is Right, friends, fans and supporters have also taken to Twitter to express their thoughts.  

Fortunately, Perez got to choose between the treadmill and a three-person sauna.

She went with the sauna.

What do you think the Price Is Right should have done?


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