There’s a product that can stop head lice jumping from your kids’ heads to yours.

MOOV Head Lice
Thanks to our brand partner, MOOV Head Lice

I have never understood the stigma that surrounds head lice. Because at some point everyone I know has had them. There hasn’t been a decade in my life when I haven’t. There should be stigma for not having them!

Imagine a kid turning to another kid in the playground and declaring “I can’t believe it! Jaydn’s never had lice!” And then Jaydn runs home to his Mum crying and demanding that she get him lice so he can be like the other kids.

If you haven’t had lice then chances are you shave your head and live alone in a monastery. Where children gather, so too do head lice. It’s part of the circle of lice. Hakuna Matata. Or Pediculous Humanas capitas.

The curious thing about lice is how they always take me by surprise. After a few weeks of dedicating myself to their eviction, I forget about them. My mistake. We have a few blissful lice-free weeks, and then like the unwanted guests they are, they’re back wanting to book into their Hair BnB.

As a mum of five kids aged eight to 22, I’ve used nearly every product on the market. I’ve honestly had the most success with MOOV. And just recently I made a discovery I wish I knew from kid number one: they’ve got a spray that actually helps protect against head lice.

"Where children gather, so too do head lice." Image: Supplied.

A friend even asked me what conditioner I used. I told her it was MOOV Defence Spray. She rushed out and bought some. She still doesn’t know it’s for head lice. Yes, my hair smells that good and looks silky and super conditioned.  And better yet, there's no lice, despite the high potential for it in my household.

Like with the way we approach health, we aggressively treat symptoms, forgetting a little prevention can go a long way. Wouldn’t you rather be spending a few minutes a day stopping head lice in their tracks rather than hours and hours removing them?

Defence! It exists! Image: Mamamia.

Instead of waiting for the colonising louse to set up house, you basically want to ensure that your child’s head (and yours too) is an unwelcoming habitat. And I'm not talking about introducing predators like cane toads or head shaving or any of the traumatising methods our parents used. I’m talking about just a few quick sprays before you head out the door. And don’t forget to spray the school hat. (That’s if you can find it.)

I made the spray part of the morning routine. And when I say spray, I don’t mean the yelling we do to get sleepy people moving…. ‘Come on help Mummy, put your foot through your undies, come on’… And that’s my husband.


It's easy to slot into the daily ritual. If it's head lice mania at school, this fragrance-free, low irritant leave-in conditioner is a handy friend to have around. Note: MOOV Defence Spray is not the same product you'd use once the lice have arrived (there's shampoo and solution for that). But it pays to prevent it, doesn't it?

MOOV Defence Spray means no more of this! Image: Giphy.

OK, I have a strange confession now. I have spent countless hours over the years treating my kid’s hair for lice - and sometimes I miss it. Not the hours of sheet washing, towel defumigation, hat sterilising. I don’t miss that at all.

I miss standing in the bathroom with my son or daughter, combing through their hair. Feeling the satisfying pop of the lice’s abdomen as I crush it between my thumbnails. We used to count the dead. To keep our interest up and our kill quest going now instead, we count the days we have been lice free. 73. And counting.

I can’t believe how simple it is. You no longer have to scratch for a solution. MOOV Defence Spray works. Like magic.

It’s like that old saying, a spray a day keeps the lice away.

Have you experienced head lice in your family? Tell us your tales below.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner MOOV Head Lice.

MOOV Head Lice

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MOOV Head Lice Defence Spray is a leave in conditioner, sprayed onto children’s hair daily for proven 8 hour protection against head lice.
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