25 things you didn't know about Pretty Woman.

Pretty Woman, the 1990s love story that made everyone want a red coat, really big white straight teeth and a bloke as smooth as Richard Gere, is now 25 years old.

Yep, despite what you might think 1990 wasn’t 10 years ago, it was 25 years ago…

We’ll give you a moment to let that sink in (yes, we are really all that old).


… … …

… … … … … …


25 years ago today Julia Roberts walked down the street and became the kinda girl that Richard Gere would like to meet. The film is a cult classic that most of us have watched too many times to admit in polite company.

But here are 25 things you didn’t know about it….

1. Meg Ryan was the director’s first choice to play the role of Vivian.


2. Molly Ringwald was one of the second choices... she turned it down because she felt uncomfortable with the content in the script.

She wasn't keen...


3.Julia Roberts' head was photoshopped onto model Shelley Michelle's body for the poster.


4.The opera the leading couple saw, La Traviata, is actually about a man who fell in love with a prostitute.


5.Pretty Woman is a Disney movie... Cute, right kids?

6. On the movie poster Edward's hair is black, but in the actually film Richard Gere is a silver fox.



7.Richard Gere composed and played the song that his character, Edward plays on the piano...


8.The director had to tickle Julia Roberts' feet off screen to get her to laugh on screen in this scene.


9.Richard Gere improvised the necklace snapping scene. The directors liked Julia Roberts' reaction so much that they left it in.


10. Speaking of the necklace - it was worth $250,000 and an armed security guard had to accompany it everywhere on set.


11. Pretty Woman was originally called $3000 (the amount Vivian and Edward agreed upon for her next service) but was later changed to the name of the Roy Orbison song used in the soundtrack...


12. Pretty Woman is one of the most succesful movies ever to be shown on Spanish television.

13. Julia Roberts was only 22-years-old when the movie was released.


14. In the original script sex-worker Vivian was supposed to be addicted to cocaine.

15. John Travolta auditioned for the role of Edward. Umm, no.


16. All of the scenes filmed on Rodeo Drive were shot on Sundays because the city had strict filming rules on that street.


17. In the scene after their first night together, Julia is initially eating a croissant at breakfast. When the camera cuts back to her, she is eating a pancake. Oops.


18. Director Garry Marshall's son directed the infamous polo scene.


19. During Vivian and Edward's sex scene, Roberts was so nervous that a vein popped out in her head. Director Garry Marshall got into bed with Roberts and Gere and massaged Roberts' vein until it disappeared. What a sweetheart.

20. The red coat that Roberts character Vivian wears during the movie was picked up for $30 by an Usher.


21. Vivian rarely sits on a chair on the film because the directors wanted to show that she was more comfortable sitting on the floor or on top of random objects. It was supposed to reflect her lack of class and the nature of her profession. Whatever that means.

22. Director Garry Marshall's daughter plays the front desk receptionist in the film.


23. And Garry Marshall plays the homeless guy rumaging through the bin.

24. Garry Marshall, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere and Hector Elizondo all worked together again on Runaway Bride, 9 years after Pretty Woman.


25. Julia Roberts prepared for her role as Vivian by spending two weeks at a free health clinic on Hollywood Boulevard.

Facts courtesy of IMBD trivia.