Pretty Woman had an alternate ending and it's horribly depressing.

Thank god they changed it.

It’s a classic tale of boy meets girl. Except this time, the boy is a wealthy businessman and the girl is a prostitute.

You all know Pretty Woman. You loved Julia Roberts, you swooned over Richard Gere, you happy clapped at the couldn’t-be-better ending.

But originally this epic love story had a very different ending.

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Prepare yourselves… we’re about to crush your dreams.

Okay, so we know the ending: Edward Lewis (Gere) wins Vivian Ward (Roberts) back with a grand romantic gesture. Perfect. Great. The End.

But the original story? Dark, depressing, terrible. At least, according to Roberts.

“[It was a] really dark and depressing, horrible, terrible story about two horrible people, and my character was this drug addict,” she told TCM.

“A bad-tempted, foulmouthed, ill-humored, poorly educated hooker who had this weeklong experience with a foulmouthed, ill-tempered, bad-humored, very wealthy, handsome but horrible man, and it was just a grisly, ugly story about these two people.”

“It was a dark and depressing, horrible, terrible story about two horrible people.”

And the working title? 3000. As in, how much money Vivian Ward costs per week.

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So what was the heinous original ending Roberts speaks of? Get ready for it…

Gere’s character was supposed to pay the prostitute for her services and then throw her back out onto the street.

Blogger Liz Shannon Miller said of the original plot: “He didn’t fall in love with her in the original script, and she does end up back on the street. He literally puts her $3,000 in the gutter after she throws herself out of the limo.”

Us too, Viv.

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