A bunch of women ordered the same crop top online. The photos say it all.

Many risks come with buying clothes online.

Sometimes the size is too small, sometimes it’s way too big. Often the fabric is terrible or thanks to a particularly talented model, the garment just doesn’t suit your body type like you hoped it would. But rarely the problem is that you can’t actually get said clothing over your head.

But that’s precisely the problem many women across the UK are currently having – not being able to get said clothing over your head.

The problem first became known when 21-year-old Olivia Skuce shared images of her undersized mesh crop top from online boutique stuck at the top of her perfectly normally proportioned head.

“Hi @OfficalPLT just wondering why your top won’t fit over my head,” she wrote in a tweet accompanying the photos.

“I thought I either ordered something from the kids section or I have an overly large head,” Skuce told Buzzfeed.

But within hours, it became apparent that she was not alone, with images of other women around the United Kingdom having the exact same problem.

“Omg sameee” one Twitter user replied with a similar image of her head being stuffed in the crop top.

“@OfficialPLT sort your shit out,” another shopper agreed.

“I just don’t understand how they managed to not see this design fault when actually making the clothing,” 17-year-old Heather Platts told BuzzFeed.

Unsurprisingly, the £25 crop top has since been removed from

Meanwhile, those images will forever be burned in our brains.