A single moment caught on camera has cemented the difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

There are countless moments when the phrase “actions speaks louder than words” rings true and the recent presidential handover is one of them.

President Donald Trump received the keys to the White House on Saturday with the whole world watching.

He met the outgoing President Barack Obama and his Michelle Obama on the same set of steps they themselves had climbed together eight years ago.

The two handovers were filmed and have since been released worldwide.

What they captured is not just an unofficial presidential tradition, but a very small, very important gesture.

The simple act of waiting for their wives as they exit the car.

(Source: YouTube.)

When former President Barack Obama stepped out from his car he stood and waited for his wife Michelle, before continuing up the stairs.

President Donald Trump however, raced ahead and was well into greeting the former presidential couple before Melania joined him.

The video playing above illustrates the difference and although it may seem small, it speaks volumes about the unconscious decisions made by either man.

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