'My boyfriend of seven years isn't giving me a Christmas present this year.'

Most of us have received some not-so-thoughtful gifts from loved ones over the years. Like that time your mum gave you a diet book.

For one woman though, anything would be a welcome gift. Her boyfriend of seven years has decided to get her nothing for Christmas.

That’s right. Her 29-year-old boyfriend told her he’s not giving her a thing.

Under the username Throwaway137461, the upset woman took to Reddit to air her grievance, telling fellow users of the forum that her boyfriend says he “doesn’t have enough money”.

Nothing is worse than an iron. (Image via iStock.)

This would be a pretty fair excuse - if it were true.

"I normally wouldn't care, but his reason is he doesn't have enough money, even though I watched him spend over $300 on himself on games and other non-necessities over the last three weeks," the 25-year-old wrote.


"Please don't get me wrong, I don't want gold and diamonds, I like perfume, I like nice stuff for baths, I'm not asking him to spend hundreds," Throwaway137461 wrote.

You hear that boyfriend? Some pleasant-smelling soaps and bath bombs. What she is asking for is literally the EASIEST present to get any woman, ever.

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Unfortunately, he has a history of avoiding gift-giving.

"We have in the past agreed that we wouldn't do gifts as money has been tight and that's been fine up until last year when we both found good jobs and could afford to gift each other," she shared.

"Because we had no agreement not to gift this year, I've been saving to get him something nice, I would have thought he'd do the same considering we've been together so long. (Post continues after gallery.)

"It just feels like he's so selfish, he always says 'I'll make it up to you after Christmas when I have more money' and then never does, yet he finds money somehow to treat himself."

Monique Bowley shares her tip for the perfect present to get someone this Christmas on Mamamia Out Loud. (Post continues after audio.)

The woman, who said she was really hurt by his decision, is considering leaving him.


"I dunno why this is upsetting me, I've been finding it extremely difficult to picture a future with him these days and seeing this fundamental selfishness isn't helping."

When fellow Redditors attempted to find out more about the relationship, Throwaway137461 revealed a pattern of selfish behaviour.

"For the last year I've expressed my dissatisfaction and my desire to end the relationship, and he turns everything I say back onto me."

"Like if I mention how he's not very tidy, he'll point out every little messy thing that I do, ignoring the fact that when it comes down to it, I'm the one that does all the cleaning, so what should it matter if I leave stuff lying around?"

The woman said she was really hurt by his decision. (Image via iStock.)

Many Redditors recommended she take the money she had saved for his present and spend it on herself.

"Tell him now how you feel about it. Tell him you want to do white elephant presents and then take the money you saved for buying him something nice and treat yo' self with it," Valicat wrote.

More still recommended she leave him.

"So you've been with this selfish guy since you were 18, right? You have never experienced a relationship with someone who is nice to you," Thumb_of_justice surmised.

"You need to work at extricating yourself. You owe it to yourself to try a relationship with someone who doesn't make everything your fault and who isn't slobby, lazy, and selfish."

Do you think presents are necessary at Christmas?