An Australian Premier has taken children to the zoo before they are sent to Nauru. #LetThemStay

After spending some time with two children before they are sent to Nauru, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has shared a photo on his Facebook page.

It is a heartfelt plea to the Prime Minister to allow refugee children to stay in Australia:

premier andrews Facebook post via facebook

I can’t show you their faces, but I can tell you a bit about these two beautiful kids who I took to the Melbourne Zoo.

They’re ordinary Victorians in almost every way. They go to their local primary school; they laugh, they learn, they play.

But one thing is very different: any day now, these two boys will be deported to Nauru and will stay there indefinitely.

Dozens more children face the same fate.

Please, Prime Minister: it doesn’t have to be like this.

Let’s do the right thing by these children and their families. Let’s prove that we really are a fair and decent society.

It was so special meeting these two boys.

Perhaps they don’t really know what might be happening to them. Perhaps they don’t yet understand.

But they love this place. And they certainly loved their trip to the zoo.

They loved seeing the baby animals in their sanctuary, safe and sound.

I wish I could have shown you their faces at that moment. You wouldn’t believe how much they smiled.

You can find Premier Andrews’ original post HERE.

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