The strangest foods women have craved while pregnant.


Ice. Chalk. Pickles.

It’s no myth that women crave strange foods while they’re pregnant.

There are hundreds of stories of women munching away at pickle and peanut butter sandwiches, pouring cereal into chicken soup and drinking gravy from the box.

Watch to find out the weird (and wonderful) foods we craved while pregnant.

Video by Mamamia

One of the strangest cravings women are reported to experience is the desire to eat dirt. Although this is also considered a sign that she is suffering from the eating disorder called Pica.

Pica sufferers often have an appetite for non-nutritive substances such as paint, drywall, ice and soil. It has been suggested that sufferers are deficient in a mineral their chosen substance contains.

Pickle and peanut butter is a pairing I can recommend. I can’t say the same for a soil pit.