A pregnant woman has been horrifyingly shot dead while on stage at a wedding.

A pregnant Indian woman has been murdered while performing on-stage at a wedding in the country’s Punjab state, reports say.

The circumstances which led to Kulwinder Kaur’s death on Saturday are unclear. While The Sun reports the 25-year-old dancer was gunned down by a group of drunken men after refusing their request to dance with her, SBS quotes police saying the devastating incident was the result of a “celebratory firing”.

Heartbreakingly, the victim was allegedly three months pregnant with her husband Rajinder Singh when she was murdered.

In the days since at least four men have been taken into police custody. Among them is Lucky Goyal, the leader of the Sikh political party Shiromani Akali Dal, and his friend Sanjay Goyal. The remaining two men are yet to be named.

Footage of the attack has also been released online, sparking an outpouring of outrage towards the unexplained violence. The disturbing video, recorded on a mobile phone, shows Ms Kaur dancing on stage with her troupe before collapsing. The barrel of the gun appears in frame before the bullet is discharged.

Mamamia has chosen to not share the video here, out of respect to the victim and her family.

In a press conference, Police Senior Superintendent Swapan Sharma said: “Both weapons found by officers belonged to Sanjay Goyal, but Lucky was holding the 0.32 bore revolver, as per the video clipping which we have seen.

“Lucky fired in the air while trying to go on stage. Sanjay Goyal was also near the stage holding his 0.12 gun. Both weapons have been recovered.”

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