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Shocking attempted rape of heavily pregnant woman stopped by good Samaritans.

A group of good Samaritans stopped and apprehended a 20-year-old Melbourne man who allegedly attempted to rape a heavily pregnant woman in Brunswick in Melbourne’s inner north on Sunday night.

Police claim Casey Tennent put his hand against the woman’s throat and dragged her off the Upfield bike path near Anstey train station in Brunswick, around 10.50pm.

The alleged attack took place on Florence street, just 300 metres from where Jill Meagher was murdered in 2012.

The alleged attack took place 300 metres from where Jill Meagher was killed. (Image via Victoria Police)

The 31-year-old victim yelled "stop it, I can't breathe," pleading with Tennent and telling him that she was pregnant.

Then, according to court documents, he refused to get up, pushing down harder on her stomach and telling her "just take your pants off".

The Age reports she tried to curl into a ball to protect her stomach while Tennent attempted to pull her pants off.


Then a passing cyclist confronted Tennent, who quickly fled on foot. The man pursued him on his bicycle.

Two more men then joined the chase, apprehending Tennent in a lane-way off Tinning street, and restraining him until police arrived.

The Good Samaritans chased Tennent to a nearby laneway. (Image: Screenshot via Channel 7)

After his arrest, Tennent allegedly told police he had been drinking for an extended period of time and had taken an unknown pill. Court documents state he also told police he had "imagined doing it and dreamed about it and decided to do it tonight".

The woman was taken to Royal Women's Hospital with bruising to her face and scratches on her fingers. At this stage, the impact of the attack on her baby is unknown.

Tennent faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he was remanded in custody. He will face court again on July 29th.

***Featured image: Anstey railway station via Brebster at en.wikipedia