Mum of two girls tries for a boy. Ends up pregnant with quintuplets.

We can only imagine this couple will never be having sex again.

Kim (who has chosen to omit her surname for privacy reasons) and her husband have two beautiful little girls, but were longing to turn their foursome into a five-some, with the addition of a little boy.

Well, they’ve got five, alright. Only, not the five they were expecting.

After having some un-expected bleeding, Kim, who has experienced miscarriage in the past, booked herself in for an ultrasound appointment. She thought she might be pregnant with twins, as her hormone levels had been much higher than usual in early pregnancy.

Kim shares her excitement on Facebook. (Image via Facebook: Surprise by Five)

The sonographers thought the same, but it was after Kim was moved to a second ultrasound machine, doctors were able to identify FIVE individual heartbeats. Not twins. Quintuplets.

“My legs start to shake uncontrollably and all I can do is laugh…” posts Kim on the Facebook page she has set up to document her pregnancy.

Then it was time to call her husband.

“When I called him from the ultrasound room I don’t think he believed me at first, he quickly drove down to the ultrasound place. I could see the excitement in his face when he told me, ‘We can do this’.”

The quintuplets, conceived without fertility treatment, are each in their own gestational sack, and Essential Baby reports the chances of this kind of quintuplet pregnancy are approximately one in 60 million.

(Image via Facebook: Surprised by Five)

Aside from a few social media sceptics, the couple have been overwhelmed with the support. But the journey so far hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

On Wednesday, Kim posted sharing details of her decision to move from Sydney, to Perth, to be closer to her friends and family.

“The last few weeks have been tough not just on me but my children and my husband. I have had three admissions to hospital, two for dehydration due to the countless amounts of times I would be sick during the day and one for tachycardia.”

Kim’s husband has taken a lot of time off work, to help look after her and their daughters. So, while Kim headed home to her parents, her husband was left to tie up the loose ends. Kim isn’t sure when the family will be able to be together again.

“Hubby hasn’t got a work transfer as of yet so we don’t know when we will be under the same roof again. Getting work in Perth is proving difficult for many families so our best bet is to sit tight and wait for the transfer.”

Despite the emotional stress, Kim is feeling much better over in WA. “I have only had one day with uncontrollable nausea,” she posted.

“I feel very rested and I just feel better within myself. It would be nice to enjoy some of my pregnancy before it starts to physically and mentally get difficult.”

Kim at 12-weeks. (Image via Facebook: Surprised by Five)

And with five babies to bring into the world, Kim is feeling understandably nervous. She has been told to expect delivery as early as 28 weeks.

Boys or girls, let’s hope Kim continues to feel better, and her FIVE babies all arrive safely.

You can follow Kim’s (and her quintuplets’) journey on Facebook at Surprised By Five.