Husbands share their experiences of #PregnantWives. Forget women carry the babies.

Poor men.

It must be so hard for them when their wives are pregnant. They have to deal with food cravings and body changes and everything that comes with growing an entire human inside their tiny bellies.


Perhaps it’s just the food cravings then?

The partners of pregnant women are taking to Twitter, encouraging the hashtag #PregnantWife goes viral, making light of the roller coaster experience that is being close to someone whose body is changing as a baby grows.

Because what’s harder than being asked for some chips and dip to be delivered on demand?!

And this is perhaps reason #349756434 men weren’t gifted with the ability to give birth. The hormones are too hard! The female ones, of course.

Oh, and extra shout-out to this dude:

Not all heroes wear capes.