'My sister and I are pregnant but I'm terrified about telling her my news.'

The announcement of a baby should be a time of celebration but one woman’s story has taken a very different turn.

The 22-year-old told anonymous forum Reddit she was afraid to tell her already pregnant sister she was expecting a baby as she feared it would steal her thunder.

“My sister got married when she was 23 and so has been married six years. With her husband came a stepchild, and this is her first pregnancy (due April 2017),” she wrote.

“I, on the other hand, just got married two months ago, and just found out I am pregnant (due August 2017 – also first pregnancy).”

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The pregnant woman explained her sister had previously wanted to raise children together but only if it was their second child.

“My sister has talked about us having kids at the same time so they can grow up together,” she wrote.

“But she always says ‘obviously not this first one, I want you to wait’ and she tells me that my husband and I need time to just be a couple first, without kids.”

The expecting mum said the situation was compounded by the recent death of their father and her wedding.

“So with all the heartbreak that has come with my dad dying and my wedding happening, I feel like she feels she has been cheated,” she wrote.

“I’m so afraid to tell her. She has explicitly said she doesn’t approve and I don’t want to be one more thing that is taking away her happiness/attention.”

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Readers responded with advice on how she should pass on the happy news.

“Since it wasn’t a planned pregnancy I doubt she will feel like you stole her thunder, and if she does she’s not that great of a sister. Family is about loving and supporting each other, it shouldn’t be a fight about who gets the most attention,” wrote one reader.

“I would say she will be more hurt if you don’t tell her early (especially if one of the mums/brother-in-law/sister-in-law accidentally spills the beans) so just go for it. Let her know that it’s not for public release yet and she is one of the very few people you are trusting this with until you are three months on,” wrote another.

What would you have said if it were your friend?

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