"Pregnant or fat?" The new reality show that has the whole world talking.

Reality television shows are rarely without controversy, but a new show from the Netherlands has got the whole world talking thanks to its unorthodox premise.

Launched last week, Bring your Bathing Suit sees a series of women stand on a pedestal onstage while a group of male contestants look up and down, trying to guess if said women are pregnant or fat.

And no, this is not a belated April Fool’s joke. This is real life, friends.

pregnant or fat reality tv show
It's just so hard to tell. Source: Youtube.

(Side note: since when does having the slightest of tums deem you 'fat'?)

The show also allows male contestants to guess whether or not the women's breasts are real or fake.

Clearly, it's a reality television show that focusses on the important things in life.

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But within hours of going to air, complaints began rolling in thick and fast.


"For everyone thinking The Netherlands is great. We reached a new low yesterday night. National TV game show: "is she pregnant or just fat?" one Twitter user wrote.

"A woman is not an object," wrote another.

Men deciding if the participant's breasts are real or fake. Source: Youtube.

According to the show's producers, an earlier iteration of Bring your Bathing Suit, which translates to Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee in Dutch, also included a segment in which men could guess if Asian participants were Chinese or Japanese.

Because #important.

Following the backlash, the show's production company have released a statement saying there are no plans to cancel the show or edit the format, explaining, “through these satirical settings, we laugh off all forms of prejudices.”

What do you think about Bring your Bathing Suit? 

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