Lauren Brant on her birth plan: "I want to experience what all the fuss is about."

The debate between caesarean and natural birth is a never ending one. This is because there is no right answer, only what is right for you.

I have heard people swear by caesareans, not so much natural – however the preferred method seems to be natural because, well… it’s natural!

I have always said, when I get pregnant and assuming there are no complications, I would opt for natural.

This is for a few reasons: firstly, it’s what the body automatically does. For nine months it knew what to do every step of the way to grow the baby and it knows what it needs to do to deliver a healthy bub into this world.

I feel like if I were to alter that and pull bub out of my stomach, it would be unfair on this journey my body has set out to complete.

If I were to have a caesarean, it makes me question how my body would react and adapt to going back to normal. I have been told from other mothers and practitioners that it’s all fine, but one thing I have always done is listen to my body and tried to be connected and respectful of it and the above concern is definitely on my mind.

The next option is to go natural but have an epidural/gas. I really have no opinion on this, of course it seems the smartest option – no pain! Yes, there are risks with taking the drugs but I mean why would you go through the pain if you didn’t have to?

Well crazily enough, there is also a part of me that is ‘up for the challenge.’ I have always found pregnancy and birth fascinating. My mother had four completely natural, no drug births (and hated every one) but, and knowing that I’ll probably cop it for this statement: I want to experience what all the fuss is about at least once.


However, when I look at the option of caesarian, there are definitely some attractive features. The fact that you can just book in a day and a time and make sure you’re perfectly ready – that’s right up my ally as I am an organised person. Also, there is no stretching of the lady bits. After hearing some horror stories about serious tears and the vagina never going back to normal, I really like this aspect.

Also, Barry and I totalled a weight of almost 20 pounds as babies… so I have a feeling our little cherub isn’t going to be exactly small…

But I just can’t get past the fact this is a serious operation that cuts through the stomach muscles, takes months to heal and isn’t ‘natural.’

pregnant lauren brant
"There is also a part of me that is 'up for the challenge' of a natural birth." (Image: Instagram)

We are going for a scan at 34 weeks, where our OB wants to advise what option I should consider based on the baby’s size... if she says, ‘your baby is huge and I think you should have a caesarean,’ I'm not sure I can ignore that?!

With all the materialism, comfort and sensitivity in the world right now, the process of pregnancy and birth is just still so raw and unexplained. It is truly magical and I want to honour this remarkable occurrence by bringing myself back to the complete beginning of all time and do what the woman’s body was created to do, so I can experience the physical and mental process and have Barry and our baby on it with me – at least once.

Lauren Brant and partner Barry Hall publicly announced they were expecting a baby in December 2016. Brant is documenting her pregnancy journey with Mamamia. You can read her articles right here.